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    35 seconds ago

    Us Companies Excited To Invest In Zambia

    According to MIKE GONZALES, the US ambassador to Zambia, many US companies have expressed interest…
    Zambia News
    4 mins ago

    Hundreds Queue Up For Licenses As Cadastre Reopens

    Following the opening of the mining cadastre department today, more than 300 applications for mining…
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    6 mins ago

    Mtolo: 57% Of Inputs Distributed

    For the 2022–2023 growing season, the government has distributed agricultural inputs to every region of…
    Zambia News
    12 mins ago

    GBV Cases Concern the Health Ministry

    The Ministry of Health is concerned about the rise in sexual assault cases, particularly those…
    Zambia News
    15 mins ago

    Govt Releases Guidelines For Risk Management

    To promote accountability and transparency, the Ministry of Finance has released Risk Management Guidelines and…
    Zambia News
    18 mins ago

    World Cup: Iran Players Decline To Sing National Anthem

    Before their World Cup match against England, Iran chose not to sing their national anthem,…
    Zambia News
    24 mins ago

    Indonesia: Java Earthquake Leaves 162 Dead And Hundreds Hurt

    At least 162 people have died and hundreds have been injured as a result of…
    Zambia News
    28 mins ago

    Katete Returns To Calm After Riot

    In Eastern Province’s Katete District, where nine police officers were savagely attacked by locals in…
    Zambia News
    32 mins ago

    Jacob Zuma told to report back to jail

    Former South African President Jacob Zuma has been ordered to report back to prison after…
    Zambia News
    36 mins ago

    Husband in Nigeria Accused of starving his wife

    According to police, they are looking into how a woman who was allegedly detained by…
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