SPAR Employee p#nani Trending Video

SPAR is trending not for being the cheapest grocery store but because one of their employees decided to turn the heat on and get nawty while at work… According to A video showing a SPAR female worker playing with her private part while on duty has gone viral, triggering shock and concern among viewers.

The recorded video shows the female employee in her uniform, in a secluded corner of her company’s premises, facing her phone camera and taking care of business… The SPAR employee is there the talk of town as the video is trending!

As she is seated with her jeans slightly hiked above her knees, exposing her private parts, she is observed engaging in a potentially inappropriate act as she starts massaging her honeypot in a circular motion.

SPAR is one of the largest retailers across Southern Africa. With more than 850 stores nationwide there’s always a SPAR to meet all your shopping needs. Some people claim that the SPAR in question is in Zimbabwe while others are arguing that the SPAR Employee looks more South African than Zimbabwean… Take your pick as to where she is from! Might she be from Zambia even?

There’s something different about shopping at SPAR, that’s because they have created a culture of caring and community to ensure their customers have a consistently enjoyable shopping experience in a uniquely friendly and family-orientated store.

Nothing means more to SPAR than their valued customers and they believe in going the extra mile to give them the best. From sourcing the finest products to providing willing and efficient staff who take a personal interest in our customers’ needs. Well, this willing and efficient employee has gone more than just an extra mile.

We can’t show the video of the SPAR Employee here on this platform but you can view the video from an external link below… She means business and from what we saw on the video she is a hardworking lady, it’s just the wrong place to be getting all dirty and nawty…

Watch the SPAR employee video here


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