ZNBC Presenter, Patricia Mapiki shares n#des on her WhatsApp status – See Pictures

ZNBC Presenter, Patricia Mapiki shares n#des on her WhatsApp status… There is always a scandal in Zambia… We have just moved from Don’t Move Martha and now it’s this popular ZNBC Presenter Patricia Mapiki!  In the land of work and Joy, you sleep, you snooze. Well, it is yet another day and already there is something trending and this time it’s another notable TV personality.

Patricia Mapiki, a Presenter and reporter at ZNBC is making headlines on social media after she exposed her n#des on Whatsapp.

It is alleged that Patricia Mapiki might have been trying to send the pictures to someone but mistakenly shared them to her WhatsApp Status. One of her contacts quickly leaked the pictures and they seem to have been viral ever since.

We have the pictures now and you can see them HERE to see because with those big goods everyone deserves to see and measure the diameter… all in the name of Mathematics!


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“I knew that one day I’d leave to grow in the industry, but it was painful as it was my home,” she said. Sophie said she took this year off after shooting Family Secret season two for SABC1 last year. Read More

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