Lusaka Exposed PDF goes viral – See who made it to the list

Two PDFs have gone viral in Zambia and yes it’s for the wrong reasons. One of the Lusaka Exposed PDF shows Zed Hules and there are 28 of them. Here are a few pictures from the viral pdf of the Zed Hules.

Lusaka Exposed PDF

According to social media, these are the hottest baes in Zambia and are causing chaos! What do you think?

Lusaka Exposed PDF

What we wish we had however are the names of these ladies in the Lusaka Exposed PDF because it would help a lot of people to know who is the hottest in Zed at this very moment.

Lusaka Exposed PDF

The PDFs have gone viral and like any story that goes viral, Zambians are talking and there are busy sharing the pdfs, so you can download the pdfs below.

Zed Pro-stitutes (28 photos)

So here are the 2 pdfs of the trending Lusaka Exposed PDF and I hope it answers your curious questions. We hope you don’t find your sister or girlfriend or wife on this long list, especially the one below.

Lusaka Exposed

Welcome to Lusaka where everyone is dating everyone! The best of the ladies are part of the Lusaka Exposed PDF and they keep slaying! Remember in Lusaka dating is a job and here is the HR list thanks to the Lusaka Exposed PDFs!

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