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Lusaka Man Caught Violating Dog cheating on his Wife

Many people were startled when a 52-year-old guy from Lusaka’s Garden Township was discovered having an affair with his own dog.

It’s thought that Lungu, the man who has only been recognized as such, violated his dog sexually on two separate occasions.

Additionally, it is claimed that he exposed his wife to STDs as a result of their sexual interactions.

Police detained 52-year-old Lungu for the crime of bestiality, according to police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale.

According to Mr. Mwale, the incident happened sometime between February and April 9 of this year, at around 23:00.

“In the first incident in February, his wife allegedly found him having carnal knowledge of their dog. Again on April 9, 2023 around 23: 00 hours, his brother in-law allegedly found him having carnal knowledge of the same dog.”

“The matter was only reported to Police on April 25, 2023 by the wife who complained that she was infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) likely to have been acquired from the dog.Police investigations revealed that the family had earlier attempted to resolve the matter at family level,” he said.

He added that the wife has since been issued with a medical Report form to enable her seek medical attention while the suspect is detained in Police custody.

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