2 New Dead by Daylight Games Are in Development

Behaviour Interactive, the team behind Dead by Daylight has confirmed that two more games are in development. Dead by Daylight is an online 4v1 multiplayer game originally released in 2016 and has featured consistent updates, including fully licensed faces from the world of horror.

The asymmetrical multiplayer title pits a team of gamers against a murderous opponent as they fight to survive the night. The killers can range from original creations to existing characters like Scream’s Ghost Face and the iconic 80s killer Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Most recently, Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage was confirmed to be coming to Dead by Daylight as a survivor. With the game hitting its 7th year, Behaviour confirmed two more games are on the way.

The first title is currently under development under Supermassive Games, who is best known for its own horror games including Until Dawn and 2022’s hit The Quarry. This is set to be a narrative-driven experience within the Dead by Daylight universe. The second game will be developed by Midwinter Entertainment and will be a cooperative multiplayer game, where players team up rather than battle against each other.

Supermassive Games’ title is said to be further ahead in development and will be revealed later this year. Midwinter Entertainment, whose only title is the defunct battle royale Scavengers, was acquired by Behaviour in 2022. That team is only in the early stages of planning so perspective players will have to wait a little longer for an official announcement on what form the multiplayer experience will take.

For fans of Dead by Daylight, the news that there are two new games set within the same universe will be music to their ears. However, the news doesn’t stop there, as the horror movie studio, Blumhouse is currently planning a silver-screen adaptation of Dead by Daylight with Saw director James Wan acting as a producer.

With all this news flying around, people may think that Behaviour has left the original asymmetric horror title behind it. This couldn’t be further from the truth as it was recently confirmed that as part of the 7-year anniversary celebrations, six new chapters of Dead by Daylight will release in 2023. The content will be a mix of both licensed and original content, with two chapters serving as survivor-only stories. The first of these new additions, titled “End Transmission” is due on June 13 and will be followed on July 5 by the Nicolas Cage headline survivor story.

Source: News365

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