4 benefits of breastmilk you didn’t know

After having a child, most hospitals advise mothers to breastfeed because that milk is golden, it has many benefits, including protecting the baby from diseases and infections.

However, some babies find it difficult to latch on the breast, but that is not a reason to give up.

If the mother is healthy and is able to produce breast milk, then they can give it to their child, even if it’s not directly from the breast, simply by expressing and possibly storing it.

Here’s why it’s essential to store your breast milk.

1. For rainy days

For some mothers, breast milk supply doesn’t stay the same, especially for those who work. Sometimes the milk supply decreases. So, when overflowing, make sure you store for rainy days

2. For bath

You can use breast milk to bath your baby. It’s good for their sensitive skin since most infants do not use soap.

3. To make baby food

When a baby starts eating solids, avoid over-the-counter foods. Instead, make baby purées using fresh fruits and vegetables, which is where breast milk comes in. You can add it to their food to make mushy and tasty purées.

4. When you are not around

For working moms, storing breast milk is essential because whoever looks after your baby while you’re at work will be able to give them packaged breast milk.

Breast milk can be stored for six days in the fridge and six months in the freezer.

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