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5 countries where Valentine’s day is banned

Do you know that there are some places in the world where Valentine’s day is banned and you could get in trouble for celebrating?

Valentine’s is a season where love is celebrated. This is accompanied with gifts, and everything that has to do with love.

It is basically the time where love is totally in the air and a lot of people look forward to February because of Valentine’s Day.

There are however some places in the world where Valentine’s Day is or was banned, here are five of them:

1. Malaysia
In 2005, Islamic authorities decided that there will be no more celebration of Valentine’s Day. In a bid to enforce this, a fatwa was issued prohibiting the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The reason for this is that the authorities claimed February 14 has been used as a gateway to disaster and moral decay among young people. It is said that in Malaysia, people who go out and celebrate might face the risk of being arrested. A few people however find a way to celebrate.

2. Uzbekistan
Valentine’s Day is also frowned upon in Uzbekistan. This Islamic country was actually tolerant of this celebration until in 2012 when the Ministry of Education’s Department of Enlightenment and the Promotion of Values decided to ban it.

While it is not illegal to celebrate valentine’s Day in Uzbekistan, it is strongly discouraged and the people are advised to celebrate the birthday of an Uzbekistan hero – Babur in place of Valentine.

3. Iran
In 2010, the Islamic Republic officially banned Valentine’s Day. The government decided that Valentine’s Day is a decadent celebration of love that promotes “degenerate” Western culture and illegitimate relationships.

It is actually so serious that the production of all Valentine’s Day gifts and items was also prohibited by the government.

4. Pakistan
In Pakistan, valentine’s day is seen as against the teachings of Islam, hence celebrations are banned. The ban was introduced by Islamabad High Court in 2017 after a petition by a citizen who said Valentine’s Day was a cultural import from the West.

With the ban, no valentine’s Day event at any official level or public place is permitted.

5. Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is another Islamic country where valentine’s day celebration was frowned upon years ago. It was said that most of the practices on valentine’s day were against the country’s ideologies and even shops were banned from selling Valentine’s Day related items.

However, this ban has now been lifted and more people now celebrate valentine’s day in Saudi Arabia.

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