5 things men do after s.e.x that women love

Whether it’s a committed relationship, marriage, or one-night stand, you shouldn’t just have sex with a woman and roll over or even just sleep off mid-thrust.

For many women, sex is more than just the activity: it’s vulnerability and sharing an intimate part of yourself with another.

There is a way a man can treat a woman after sex that would make her feel cared for and loved. How can he? Read on.

1. Cuddle her
It’s super weird to have sex with someone and just roll over and sleep off. Pulling her to yourself after sex and even intermittently during the night creates such a great bond between the two of you.

2. Clean her up
After sex, it’s best to wash up to avoid infections. There’s been a change of bodily fluids and sweat while you might want to roll away and just sleep off because let’s face it, the release of oxytocin makes you want to sleep, cleaning up prevents vaginal infection and makes your woman feel,. You can help her wash up or use a wet towel if she wants or allows it, of course, you can’t force it.

3. Whisper positive affirmations
Tell her you had a great time, you love her body, you enjoyed making love to her and so on, this makes you feel great about the experience and you.

4. Touch her
Stroke her hair, hold her waist, rest on her chest, and maintain physical contact with her. This causes you both to connect deeply and of course, makes her feel good.

5. Breakfast in bed
Making her breakfast in bed is a sure way to take care of her after sex and show that you care about her beyond sexual intercourse. It’s such a tasteful way to make her feel special.

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