6 truths women wish men always understood about them

Sometimes it is indeed true when women say, “men fail to understand us.” Men can be pretty clueless about what women really want. Some are left assuming while some boast about knowing everything about a woman. But in the end, most of them are proved wrong.

Here are some truths all women wish men tried to understand.

1. Stand up for your woman
A little fun and bickering are fine. But when it surpasses everyone teasing or making fun of your woman, stand up for her. She secretly wishes you would stand up for her, no matter what. She can be a strong woman but she can also want your support at times, especially in front of everyone.

2. Little PDA is alright
Even if women say that they are not a fan of ‘PDA’ they surely want to be shown a little bit of affection by their partner once in a while. Holding hands or holding the waist can be little ways to show the world that she is yours and these little actions can definitely make your woman’s knees wobble!

3. Spend genuine time with your woman
When your woman is around, spend ample time with her. She wants your undivided attention. So keep your phone or work aside and spend time with her. Watch a movie together or complete some household work together. This will matter to her a lot!

4. Be honest and upfront about feelings
No matter how bitter or ugly the truth is, be honest with your woman. Lying and betraying her will only make things worse. She would rather be told the truth than be lied to, constantly. Keep your promises of being honest with her. Don’t break them.

5. Listen to what she has to say
Listen to what your woman has to say. Don’t interrupt her with your own advice or what you have to say. Sometimes, all she wants is to vent out without having any advice to listen to. And listening to your woman is a love language that she will definitely appreciate.

6. Treat her specially
It is quite alright if you treat her like your loyal buddy. She may even appreciate it as well but it is not always that she wants to be treated like your buddy. If she is your girlfriend or partner, treat her like one. She is a special person in your life and she wants to be acknowledged for it as well.

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