Actor Leo Simukoko, Accused of indecent assault in court

LEO Simukoko, a well-known actor in the 2019 film Mushala, has been taken to court for allegedly attempting to force himself on a lab technician who offered him a ride home from the Play House in the evening.

Simukoko, 33, of Ranchdale Obama, Lusaka, is accused of sexually assaulting a lady in Rockfield Chalala, also in Lusaka.

The alleged assault took place on March 27 of last year.

The accused allegedly requested a lift from the 36-year-old named complainant who resides in on the relevant day.

According to reports, the incident occurred on March 27th, 2017, about 21:00.

It is alleged that on the relevant day, the accused solicited the complainant for a ride.

The woman wanted to use the ladies room at the accused residence, which was only lit from the outside, when the two drove to Simukoko’s home.

As the victim made her way to the restroom, she noticed an unmade mattress.

She discovered the actor in the living room when she got back from the bathroom.

The accused then approached the victim and kissed her while holding her by the neck with force. When the victim allegedly shoved the accused away, he allegedly tried to repeat the crime.

He is accused of pushing her onto the bed, climbing all over her, and then making another attempt to kiss her.

The woman yelled and motioned for Simukoko to release while shaking her head defiantly.

Before pulling the victim’s pants down to her legs and making an attempt to penetrate, the accused allegedly told the victim that he had been longing to sleep with her.

The actor, who afterwards apologized for his, was shoved away by her.

The hearing before the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court could not begin when the matter was scheduled to be heard last week, therefore it was postponed to a later date.

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