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Don Design finally speaks out after AKA’s burial

Don Design, one of AKA’s close friends, has broken his silence after Supa Mega’s burial. Don was with AKA the night he got gunned down in Durban, Florida road and when the CCTV footage got leaked, many speculated that he had a hand in the murder. Of course, being AKA‘s long-term friend did not help his case.

Not even Tony Forbes or Lynn Forbes’s heartfelt speeches about Don Design, could change trolls’ minds.


Taking to Instagram, Don sent out a heartfelt message to his friend AKA saying they will meet again on the other side. Don was with the Forbes family ever since the death of AKA and never left their side. He was seated behind them at his memorial and even attended his funeral.

“Rest easy, my friend. Till we meet again” wrote the music producer and friend of the Supa Mega.

Don Design

At the memorial service, Lynn Forbes publicly displayed her love for Don and said she does not care what social media trolls say about him. She called him her son and said she loves him.

Don Design, I love you my son,” she said.

“Today going forward it will not just be about me and the rest of our family, extended family, and friends. It will be about the Megacy as our broader family. I believe that is what Kiernan would have wanted,” she said added.

Tony Forbes also condemned the public for speaking negatively about Don Design, “We do not condone what is being said about AKA’s friends.”

Their lawyer also slammed the public, “I spoke to him last night and also yesterday as he was also at the house, you know people are blaming him for this thing but then we all know that Don Design is not that type of a person. He is almost like a child to Forbes’ that’s why he is also welcomed at the house. Nobody is pointing any fingers at him apart from the people on social media.”

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika he said, “At the end of the day everybody is looking for answers, we would all like to know what actually lead to this. We would also like to know who are the people behind this. It makes it difficult but also at the end of the day everybody is looking for answers. Some of Kiernan’s close friends have now received a lot of blame, there are many people that are analyzing the videos. I have seen a lot of comments about Don Design who is Kiernan’s DJ who he travelled with almost everywhere,” said The Forbes lawyer Rudolph Baloyi.

“We are definitely not entertaining it, actually we were with Don Design yesterday as well as Siya who were with Kiernan, they travel with him all the time.”


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