Angelina Jolie irritates son with interference in his love life

Angelina Jolie’s son Pax has started dating a young actor and the Hollywood beauty is finding it hard to respect boundaries. The Maleficent star has reportedly been interfering in her 19-year-old son’s romance by “grilling” his lady love Carmen Blanchard, 20, over her “intentions.”

Pax, whom Jolie shares with her ex-Brad Pitt, does not like his mother micromanaging him and has asked her to “back off” so he can navigate his budding romance, reveal an insider.

Speaking with National Enquirer, the source said of Jolie “She’s been grilling this poor girl about her intentions, her education, and where she stands on everything from politics to overall ambitions, as well as digging into her family history to make sure she’s suitable for Pax.”

Even though Carmen’s family history is clean, as per the insider, Jolie cannot find herself approving her son’s romantic relationship due to fears of losing him. Pax has asked his mom to back off and give him and Carmen a break,” the source revealed. “They’ve only just started hanging out and Angie’s treating it like they’re headed to the alter!”

The insider added that Jolie “behaves like a mama bear defending her cubs whenever her kids have anybody in their lives besides her.” Angie fears the kids will grow up and she’ll be all alone,” the insider said. “But she’s going to have to get used to this if she wants to maintain a relationship with her kids

Source: People

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