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DJ Shimza deep in love with Athi Geleba

South African star, DJ Shimza is one of the leading live electronic-house exports from the country. But his recent moves in the local party scene have affirmed him as one of the tastemakers and influencers within the said niche market. This includes the now cultural electronic and tribal house event Kunye. It the hard to get tickets for U’R, along with his Shimza (one-man show).

This past Saturday17 December 2022, Shimza hosted his largest one-man show to date at the Sun Arena in Pretoria. This is as Shimza, ahead of the actual event, had already confirmed that the tickets to the event were sold out, and during the festivities, Shimza proved it with an image of the sold-out crows shared on his social media.

However, before the actual event, Shimza already had too much to celebrate. This is as he finally proved speculations right when he finally confirmed his relationship status.

DJ Shimza head over heels in love with Athi Geleba

As early as November 2020, it was rumored that Shimza and the Spokesperson to the Presidency, Athi Geleba were an item. This was due to the two having posted images from Shimza’s closet, which social media were quick to put two and two together and decide that the two were actually an item.

DJ Shimza head over heels in love with Athi Geleba

However, at the time Shimza and Athi had kept silent on the matter. Fast-forward to May 2021, Shimza and Athi’s then-speculated relationship was back making headlines. This time, it was over the allegations that Shimza and his businesses like his restaurant, The Hang Awt, were allegedly unduly benefitting from the fact that the two were dating. A restaurant, which has also faced allegations of exploiting its workers.

DJ Shimza head over heels in love with Athi Geleba

Of course, Shimza denied the allegations that he had unduly benefited from the connections he has with the ruling party. This is because he was emphatic that all the tenders he received from the government were earned from merit rather than who he was dating or not dating.

But finally in December 2022, on Athi’s birthday, the two finally went social media officials after two years of speculation that the two were an item or not. This is as Shimza wished his girlfriend who he refers to as Mangwanya, a post which on Twitter, Athi responded to in order to also confirm that Shimza was her man.

However, even ahead of the official post, Athi had already teased the announcement. This is as she took to her own social media to share a picture of her little family which included Shimza’s daughter in the image.


DJ Shimza head over heels in love with Athi Geleba

While the two have confirmed their relationship status. From the comments on his Instagram post, it does seem that the couple have not tied the knot despite confirming their long-term relationship.

But given that they have gone social media official, it might be that the two are not too far off from announcing their engagement or nuptials. Or it Shimza is waiting for Cyril to leave office before he makes an “honest woman” out of the contentious Spokesperson to the Presidency?


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