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Mr. Smeg tries his luck on Babes Wodumo

South African social media sensation Mr. Smeg has been called out to lay off Babes Wodumo as she still mourning. Famously known for appreciating female celebrities on Twitter and then asking them out for lunch. Tweeps feel as though Mr. Smeg is slowly worming his way to Babes Wodumo‘s heart.

mr smeg

The question in everybody’s mind is whether or not Babes Wodumo would fall for Mr. Smeg’s tricks. In the past two days, Mr. Smeg has posted exactly eight pictures of Babes Wodumo on Twitter while appreciating and complimenting her beauty.

Babes Wodumo

Notoriously known for his tricks of appreciating females celebrating and then asking them out for lunch. Tweeps have actually lambasted Mr Smeg for moving too quick too soon where Babes Wodumo is concerned. Tweeps did not beat around the bush to let the social media sensation turned DJ to leave Babes Wodumo also during her mourning.

What has been so unsettling for scores of tweeps is the aggressive number of times Mr Smeg has posted and appreciated Babes Wodumo on Twitter. He is only coming under fire for his lack of discipline and timing.

Exactly a week ago, Babes Wodumo laid her husband Mampintsha to rest. But already she has been making headlines for performing while mourning, cracking Mampintshas cellphone password as well as posting pictures and video’s via Mampintsha’s social media accounts.

Recently, she posted on Mampintsha’s WhatsApp and threatened to air all his dirty laundry to the world, including nude pictures he has been exchanging with people and conversations.

“So ngizofaka inude neconvo ehamba nesthombe… mese kulandela umlando ukuthi loyo muntu uzwana kanjani nami.. abanye ke ama bank notifications nawo akhona” wrote Babes Wodumo via Mampintsha’s WhatsApp

Mampintsha WhatsApp Screenshot


In other news – Babes Wodumo allegedly finds n#des of late Mampintsha’s side chicks in his phone

Gqom queen Babes Wodumo is allegedly posting stories on his WhatsApp and it appears all hell may break loose – this is after announcing — via a video she posted on her late husband Mampintsha’s Facebook account — that she has unlocked his phone.

Babes Wodumo

According to the Wololo hitmaker’s friend Sizwe Mdlalose, who is also a musician, Mampintsha’s alleged sidechicks and friends who played a role in helping him cheat, should be very worried. Learn Mo

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