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Faith Nketsi’s sweetest message to baby Sky

Mzansi reality TV star and club host, Faith Nketsi has penned a letter to her baby Sky Njilo. She and her husband Nzuzo Njilo welcomed their baby girl 9 months ago.

On Instagram, Faith said:

“Nine months in & nine months out. I’m feeling so emotional. I stare at her in awe. I still can’t believe she’s my baby. She’s given life so much more meaning. I’m so blessed!

“For this child, I prayed for and the lord answered my prayers. I thank you. To the girl that made me a mom: I love you so much. I’ve never loved this much, my love for you is like no other. Unconditional.

Faith Nketsi

“My heart has your name, my beautiful Sky. You are a blessing. A gift from God. We cherish you and love you,” she wrote.

New mom Faith Nketsi previously penned a sweet message to her bundle of joy. Taking to Instagram, Faith Nketsi expressed excitement over Sky Njilo’s achievement.

3 months ago Faith Nketsi welcomed her first baby Sky Njilo. Ever since she has been serving mom content all over the timeline and we are here for it.

“Three months of Sky: I love you so much, my baby. We all love you. Please always remain mommy’s little girl. Side note: she’ll actually be 3 months next week,” she captioned her Instagram post.

Faith Nketsi

She posted an Instagram story where she said, “You and I will always be [and] you will always be my baby”.

When she became a mom, she shared pregnancy content. From photo shoots to videos, she flooded her followers timelines with such. Last month he said she would stop doing so.

“Just like that! That is it from me with my pregnancy journey and I’d like to thank you guys so much, not only for respecting my decision to keep it private but also for accepting and loving me and baby Sky.

“To those that saw me out when pregnant and didn’t say/leak or take a picture and still walked up to me and said congratulations THANK YOU. I can’t begin to thank my family and friends, you guys honestly made everything 100 percent more special for me.”

Faith Nketsi

She also thanked Sky Njilo’s father, her husband Nzuzo Njilo.

“Baba ka Sky my love NGIYABONGA! You’re my peace, my comfort and my strength. You make life that much special. You will forever have my heart till I’m no longer on this earth. No matter what, you will forever remain my family because you gave me the most beautiful gift of being a mother.”

She promised to be a good mother and wife.

“I’ll forever grant you respect and love for taking that leap of faith with me. I thank God for giving me the strength to keep our baby safe for 9 months and bringing her into this world healthy and oh so beautiful.

“Motherhood is not scary at all because you oh mighty Lord blessed me with the most peaceful, calm and sweet little lady. You gave me a best friend for life. Lord guide me while I raise a Queen,” she concluded.


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