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Broker Beyond Boundaries: Exploring Exness in Detail

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Cyprus, Exness is a global broker with two operations in Seychelles.

Customers in one location can take advantage of the company’s specialised financial services and investment strategies, while those in another region can take advantage of the company’s worldwide brand and its many retail and, especially, corporate opportunities or partnerships.

As of the end of 2020, Exness had more than 80,000 active traders and a monthly trading volume of $325.8 billion, serving 72,721 traders around the world.

In this analysis, we’ll take a closer look at Exness. So, before signing up with Exness, take a look at our detailed Exness broker review.

Exness tradable assets

With 107 different currency pairs, Exness offers one of the widest ranges of coverage in the foreign exchange market.

There are seven cryptocurrencies and twelve commodities available, so active forex traders will find plenty to trade. For hedging risks across markets, you can choose from 40 different stock and index CFDs.

When it comes to forex trading, Exness is the broker that offers its clients the widest selection of assets according to our Exness review.

Exness live and demo accounts

Minimum deposits into the Standard Account are $10, and maximum leverage is 1:2000.

A minimum deposit of $200 is required for all trading accounts (Raw Spread, Zero, and Pro), but the Pro account is the ideal choice for most traders due to its adaptable trading terms.

Exness offers practise accounts. The Exness demo account has all the functionality of a real account. Mini, Classic, and ECN accounts, as well as demo versions of each, are all on offer.

You may try out the features of the Exness platform risk-free by signing up for a demo account first. Demo accounts are great for strategy development, but you should never use them in place of a real money account.

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Exness leverage ratios

Like most Forex brokers, Exness allows for multiple starting account balances, or “leverage,” which can boost prospective gains.

Trading instruments, experience, and rules all affect the amount of leverage you can use. Retail traders can only employ certain leverage ratios under FCA and CySEC regulations, as follows:

  • 1:30 for major currencies
  • 1:20 for minor ones
  • 1:10 for commodities

One of Exness’ strongest points is its leverage. Maximum leverage of 1:2000 is available in a Standard account. However, leverage is not without its risks, therefore its usage necessitates discretion. Learning the proper application of leverage is also essential, as it can magnify your losses if used improperly.

Exness trading platforms

Trading platforms supported by Exness include the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web-based MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 sites.

You can also trade using the Exness Web Terminal, which is simple to use and offers speedy execution of trades at the expense of advanced capabilities. You can put your trading plan to the test with Exness’ free demo account.

Exness supports mobile trading on the go with MT4 and MT5 for both Android and iOS. You can get these via the broker’s website (Exness), the Exness Personal Area (My: Exness), the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.

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