Chanda na Kay ku chalo!

Celebrity musicians Chanda Na Kay have expressed gratitude for the success of their music in Australia.

In Perth, Western Australia, Chanda Na Kay delivered an electrifying performance that drew large crowds of people of all ethnicities.

The band has lavishly praised the Zambian fans for helping to spread their music and gain recognition on a global scale.

According to Chanda Na Kay, success in a vocation requires discipline and devotion to responsibility.

Robby Jerahyo, Chanda Na Kay’s CEO and artist manager, announced that his company has secured a booking for Chanda Na Kay to perform in Europe.

The duo’s music, according to Mr. Jerahhyo, is referred to as “Zaolo” in Copperbelt slang, which is a collection of exciting music.]

Mirriam Mukape, a pop singer, actress, and songwriter from Zambia who goes by the stage name “MAMPI,” also plays with the band.

Lombe Mutona, the founder of Xavi-Entertainment, who is located in Australia, recommended Zambian musicians to embrace live music performances because they have shown to be lucrative.

In order to promote Zambian music in Australia, Mr. Lombe has been quite active.

Chanda Na Kay received praise from Dr. Elias Munshya, Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia, for using music to promote Zambia.

According to Dr. Munshya, music might be a powerful instrument for luring tourists to Zambia.

This is according to a statement made by Charles Mucholo, the Zambian High Commission’s First Secretary for Press and Public Relations in Australia and New Zealand.

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