Copper Queens Technical Bench To Be Reinforced By FAZ

Before the 2023 World Cup, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) claims it will strengthen the Copper Queens Technical bench.

All of the current coaches on the Copper Queens technical bench will remain in place, according to FAZ-President ANDREW KAMANGA, but they will have help from the addition of skilled workers.

Speaking outside of a consultation between the Women’s National League teams and the Zambia Premier League.

He claims that through grants, the Association will continue to support the clubs financially.

Women’s football has continued to experience setbacks due to several irregularities, according to Zambia Premier League General Manager BRAIN MULENGA, who was addressing at the same event.

JOSEPH CHIMPAMPWE, Chief Executive Officer of the Zambia Premier League, has urged women’s teams to develop a plan of action in order to manage their operations effectively.

PRISCILLA KATOBA, the FAZ-Women’s Football Representative, has urged for more focused initiatives to advance women’s football.

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