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Donald Trump would do anything for money

Former US President Donald Trump reportedly took pictures with only those people at his Saturday’s Mar-a-Lago fundraiser in Florida, who have donated a considerable amount of money to his reelection campaign, reported The Washington Post.

The report citing different sources stated that the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump “complained about having to take so many pictures with donors and told people in the crowd that if they didn’t get a picture, it was because they didn’t give enough money.”

The 77-year-old reporters noted that during the fundraiser that a wedding at his Florida estate got preference “because the wedding was paying more per person to be there.”

The report indicated just how steep the price was for securing the attention at the Republican National Committee’s event.

“Anyone who makes a $1 million donation right now to the Republican Party … I will let you come up and speak,” the indictment-stricken Trump reportedly said.

Among the attendees, two donors stepped up on the stage with one proclaiming “Donald J Trump was the person that God had chosen.”

According to Reuters, the Republicans raised over $76 million in April as the former president has been legally troubled with his ongoing criminal trial about hush money. In March, reports indicate that Trump secured $65.6 million from the donors

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