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explosions in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine

Ukraine’s government claim that Russia has fired scores of missiles towards cities throughout the country.

There have been many explosions in the city, according to Vitaly Klischko, the mayor of Kiev, causing damage and at least one fatality.

The assaults took place two days after Russia launched one of its biggest airstrikes since the conflict began.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, has issued a warning that Russia could launch additional attacks to force Ukrainians to “enjoy the New Year in darkness.”

The governor of Mykolaiv, Vitaly Kim, said on Facebook that there had been reports of Russian missile launches.

He explained, “The occupants have decided to try to ruin the day for us.”

As air raid sirens sounded at noon in Kyiv, where New Year’s celebrations were in full swing, people fled to shelters.

Three regions that have had explosions received emergency personnel. Across the nation, air defense has been turned on.

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