FAZ Schedules Friendlies Against Copper Queens

In order to prepare for the women’s world cup, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has scheduled a few friendly for the Copper Queens.

It is encouraging, according to soccer analyst RUEBEN KAMANGA, because coach BRUCE MWAPE will have a variety of options thanks to the competition and friendly games.

According to KAMANGA, coach MWAPE will be able to pinpoint which departments need to be organized, such as the defense, which he has organized, and the midfield, which is also starting to take shape.

He claims that the club is playing competitive friendlies, which are crucial for gauging how well-prepared various opponents are.

In an interview, KAMANGA stated that the under 20 team is also taking part in several friendlies and that this week the team will launch a significant campaign to imitate the under 20 team from 2017.

According to KAMANGA, the opportunity for most players to be represented by agents in Europe may also arise as a result of the squad qualifying.

He asked the nation to organize camps for local athletes and insist that local athletes make up the team.

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