Following fight between Arsenal & Man City fans, Uganda charges murderer

After a man was killed in Kampala, the nation’s capital, in a dispute over the outcome of a game in England, at least two football fans from Uganda are now being charged with murder.

After Friday’s Arsenal vs. Manchester City defeat, a youth council member who had broken up a fight and tried to stop it was stabbed to death.

The following day, Allan Kakumba passed away shortly after being admitted to the hospital, according to the Daily Monitor newspaper.

In a statement, the police stated that they had two individuals in custody.

According to Luke Oweyesigire, a spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police, “We shall be arraigning the suspect in court shortly.”

Mr. Oweyesigire claimed that Mr. Kakumba, 25, had stepped in to stop his brother Titus Kyendo, an Arsenal supporter, from getting into a physical altercation with Manchester City fans.

This occurred less than a week after an Arsenal supporter was fatally beaten in the West Nile neighborhood of Adjumani.


Following Arsenal’s victory over Manchester United last month, Richard Ukuyo enraged a distressed supporter, who struck him in the back of the head with a club.


The victim, according to the police, was a well-known Arsenal supporter.


According to the regional online publication Daily Express, he had been fighting about Eddie Nketiah’s dramatic goal for Arsenal.

According to the website, Mr. Ukuyo passed away at the Mungula Medical Center due to his wounds.

The majority of African nations, including Uganda, are avid fans of English football.

According to Joseph Kabuleta, the former head of the Uganda Sports Press Association, it has become much more popular as a result of the proliferation of betting, which may help to explain why some people are taking the outcomes even more seriously than in the past.

He told the BBC that “failure or victory cause great elation or severe crushing” when a society becomes extremely vulnerable, which typically happens as a result of the loss of hope in all other areas of endeavor.

This season, Arsenal’s revival has given their fans a rare sense of optimism, which some have exploited to the hilt.

Eight Arsenal supporters were detained in the eastern city of Jinja after they paraded through the streets with a replica Premier League trophy to celebrate their team’s 3-2 win over rival Manchester United in January, which gave Arsenal a five-point lead over United at the top of the Premier League.


The group’s leader and radio host, Felix Bagiire, told the BBC that they intended to mock Manchester United supporters following the triumph.

According to the police, the group did not have a licence to hold the procession, which is against Ugandan public order laws.

“Is a license really required to be happy and to celebrate?” questioned Mr. Bagiire, whose group spent a night in detention before being unconditionally freed.

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