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Following protests, China drops key components of Zero-Covid strategy

Just one week after historic demonstrations against the stringent regulations, China is removing the strictest Covid policies, including the requirement to place people in quarantine camps.

If they have little symptoms or none at all, people with Covid can now isolate at home instead of in state facilities.

Additionally, they can travel more freely within the nation and are no longer required to show tests at the majority of places.

Residents have expressed both relief and alarm over the unexpected changes.

“Finally! I won’t have to worry about contracting an infection or being removed as a close contact,” one user on Chinese social media commented.

Someone another asked: “Can someone clarify what’s going on? Why is the change so significant and sudden?

The significant adjustments show that China is ultimately abandoning its zero-Covid policy and attempting to “live with the virus” like the rest of the world.


Over 30,000 infections each day are the greatest wave this country has ever faced.


The expedited opening-up has drawn criticism from some web users, who claim that it would overload the medical system and infect many old people. A significant wave of illnesses is starting right now,” one user said.


However, a large number of people celebrated the relaxation of a rule that had governed their life for almost three years.

Up to this point, China had made everyone who had Covid and any close contacts report to quarantine facilities.

Because it uprooted people from their homes and divided families, this program had a very low level of support. Additionally, it was claimed that some of the centers’ staff and living accommodations were subpar.


Guards have been seen hauling residents out of their homes on videos all year. Video from Hangzhou last week that went viral showed a guy shoving away authorities.

On Wednesday, China’s National Health Commissioned announced a number of additional new liberties. It was said:


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