Gomora’s Zodwa scammed of R5 000

Popular actress Zodwa has been robbed blind on Gomora.

She has lost her R5000 to a scammer, who is now nowhere to be found. It’s sad when the poorest of the poor are taken advantage of like this. All Zodwa wanted was an RDP house and now doesn’t know what to do.

In her desperation, she fell for a scammer’s tricks. This after the scammer, Max, told her he could help her get to the top of the list. She had registered with the Department of Human Settlements to get an RDP house many years ago and was tired of waiting.

Who could blame here? Her mkhukhu was comfortable when it was just her and her son, Teddy. Now that she has a husband and a step-daughter and a grandchild, she wants more space. Her husband told her to be patient but unfortunately, she didn’t listen. On Thursday, 24 August, Tshiamo and Teddy are on a mission to expose the RDP syndicate.


Mam’Sonto has kidnapped Nyalleng to get back at Zibuko for killing MaZet and giving her kidney to Nyalleng. She also believes Zibuko stole her money and wants to use his sister Nyalleng as bait to get back what belongs to her.

She knows that Zibuko, like him, will do anything for those he loves. She’s demanding a R3 million ransom for her. The teaser on Wednesday, 23 August says Stompie, Mam’Sonto’s right-hand man, will be tempted to turn state witness when detective Nabe offers to make a deal. On the same night, Nyalleng will wake up and realize she has been operated on and will call for help.

On Uzalo, Sbu’s life has taken a turn for the better. Since he quit crime and has a 9-5 job, his life is smooth sailing. He has been winning awards at work and is much happier than ever before.

His friend Njeza can learn a thing or two from him. He thinks just because he has a criminal record, his life is over. Unfortunately, the doors he has been knocking on have not yielded any results.

Sbu on Uzalo

Companies need to do better and give rehabilitated former inmates a chance. Everyone makes mistakes and if they are not given second chances, they are bound to remain thugs forever. This is why Njeza has opted to work at KwaNjomane, owned about mam’sgebhengu Njinji and run by one of the most notorious thugs in KwaMashu, Sibonelo. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Gabisile is lonely as her husband Nkunzi has moved to the villages to take care of his family affairs, while her son Sibonelo is too busy working with Njinji, who is his dad’s arch nemesis. The last time she felt lonely and neglected, she ended up in bed with another man. So Nkunzi needs to learn how to strike a balance before he loses his woman forever.

Source: News365.co.za

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Kelly Khumalo

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