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Seven signs that show you have an awesome gym fitness trainer

If you are struggling with your relationship with fitness, a great gym instructor or personal trainer will motivate you to become a healthier version of yourself or much more!

Knowledge is essential to be able to train all kinds of people. Make sure your trainer is certified, preferably with well-known certifications.

Listed below are 6 signs you have an awesome gym fitness trainer.

1. Set realistic goals

One of the reasons to have a trainer is to help you set realistic goals and a vision to help you achieve them.

2. Provide nutritional guidance

Diet is equally important as exercise for good health on weight loss. A great trainer will guide you with both.

3. Demonstrates each exercise

Instead of just sayin “do this” or “do that”, an awesome trainer will demonstrate it for you for best understanding.

4. Give positive motivation doses

It is easy to give up on yourself, which is where your trainer plays an important role to keep you motivated.

5. Counts the days to skip

If your trainer cares for your goals, they’ll try that you don’t skip your workout anyday and would keep a check if you don’t show up.

6. Provide variety and creativity

Workout can be boring, especially if they are repetitive. A good trainer will help to keep your exercises fun and interesting.

7. Knows when to stop

Many people faint or vomit after intense workout. If your trainer is awesome they will ensure you do not push yourself unnecessarily.

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