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The reason why you need to record your gym sessions

Many gym heads have taken to recording themselves while they work out.

Although many people may view it as conceited, there are many reasons why you should record yourself working out.

Here’s a list of them below:

1. It motivates you to work out more

Having a before and after is a good way to motivate yourself to keep working out, by documenting how your body slowly transforms, you are motivated to keep working out.

2. It helps you keep track of your form and technique

The way you see yourself in the mirror and on your phone is different, and often the view on your phone when working out is better.

Form and technique are crucial while lifting weights. Even if you think you’re doing everything correctly, there’s no way for you to be certain unless you’ve had a professional instructor, or have observed yourself lifting, or both.

You can watch yourself in the mirror, but recording yourself using your phone’s camera is a great technique for learning. If possible, examine it afterwards with watch it with a trainer to discover what must be corrected.

3. You feel accomplished

Recording yourself while working out is good for the ego. You will consider it an accomplishment if you are pushing yourself to complete a challenging exercise, and you do.

4. You can become a trainer

Many people become trainers by posting their workout videos online, so you may never know who’s watching, and it might become a well-paying career.

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