K100M Required For Heroes Stadium, Oydc, Renovations

The National Heroes Stadium and the OYDC-Zambia running tracks will likely undergo infrastructure renovations that the government estimates would cost around 100 million Kwacha.

The 58 million Kwacha originally allotted, according to Sports Minister ELVIS NKANDU, is likely to be exceeded given the magnitude of work needed to update both facilities, particularly the stadium.

According to NKANDU, the Ministry has put aside money for the renovation projects, but more money needs to be raised in collaboration with business leaders in order to bring the work up to par.

He claims that this is why the government established a competent local committee to oversee the smooth operation of the Confederation of African Athletics Junior Championship, which will take place in Lusaka in April of this year.

According to NKANDU, the local organizing committee, which is primarily made up of the heads of Corporate firms in the banking, manufacturing, business, and social sectors, is responsible for raising sufficient funds in addition to what the government will spend to successfully host the championship.

The Minister further stated that the hiring of the contractor to build the running tracks at the Heroes Stadium and OYDC-Zambia is nearing completion at his office.

He claimed that only minor work has been done so far, with the big scoop scheduled to commence as soon as the contractor arrives.

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