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Kenyan Jesus acquitted o all charges

Eliud Wekesa, alias Yesu wa Tongaren, walked out of court a free man on Tuesday after the prosecution said they have no evidence against him.

Mr Wekesa, leader of New Jerusalem Church, spent five days in police cell as detectives investigated alleged offences against him including cult activities.

He was accused of running a religious cult in Tongaren, purporting to be Jesus Christ, teaching radical ideologies to his followers, some of whom are minors, as well as practising and promoting money laundering.

The controversial Preacher said that he has previously appeared for grilling by various enforcement agencies.

“I have been to the DC and Madam OCS but I don’t have any issues. I just preach the gospel and as I said this horse has no other issue apart from the gospel. If they will arrest me, it will just be a mere witch hunt,” he said.

The government has reaffirmed its commitment to upholding the constitutional right of freedom of worship amid investigations on cult activities in Shakahola forest where more than 100 bodies were exhumed.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki last week dismissed claims that the state intends to wage a war against religious institutions, clarifying that the prime focus has been turned to ridding the country of rogue clerics advancing extremism and criminal activities.

“Let me make it clear that we are not at war with religion or the church of Christ; there is no conflict between the government and the church. Our only issue is with the few impostors who are hiding behind religion to engage in criminal activities,” he said.

Kindiki reiterated that the government is undeterred by such clamour and will remain focused on hunting those misappropriating religious influence for ulterior motives, citing the Shakahola tragedy as evidence of dogmatic violence and spiritual maltreatment that the state wants to avert.

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