#SkeemSaam: Lizzy’s mom puts MaNtuli in her place

Skeem Saam’s MaNtuli is the mamazala from hell.

Her daughter Pretty is no different.

The way they’ve been treating Lizzy since she joined their family, after marrying Zamokuhle, is disgusting.


The same way families tell a bride-to-be how she should carry herself or behave towards her in-laws is the same way families should be guiding mamazalas and other close family members.

They need to treat their makotis like their own daughters. Pretty no longer wants to do any of the house work, saying it’s the makoti’s duty. This evil mother-and-daughter duo are both unemployed but expect Lizzy, who’s a doctor, to get home to clean, cook and cater to their every need while they sit and watch.

MaNtuli and Pretty

They forget that she’s not their slave but also a daughter in their family.

During a braai, hosted by MaNtuli to show off her new double storey house built by beloved son Kwaito, Lizzy’s mum Jacobeth arrived early to give a helping hand. She was livid after witnessing how her daughter was treated. She took a stand and said enough is enough. However, it should no longer be her job to protect her daughter but her husband’s.

Kwaito needs to step up and stop letting his family control his life and ill-treat his wife like this. He also needs to put his foot down on the excessive black tax he’s expected to pay.

He’s married now and change needs to happen. I’m not saying he should stop supporting his family, but he can’t carry the load on his own anymore.

The worst thing is that MaNtuli’s fuming that Lizzy went against culture and allowed her mum to cook in her home. She’s now spitting fire, telling Lizzy what a useless makoti she is. Even through that, Kwaito didn’t stand up for her. These two must move out before their marriage crumbles.

Source: News365.co.za

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