Five must-have shoes in your closet

Essential pieces are those items that never run out of style.

With clothes, there are those that have been on the list for decades, like the ‘Little Black Dress’ and neutral-coloured blouses, which can be worn on multiple occasions.

Having these essentials can save you so much stress when you have nothing to wear or during those times when you just want to switch up an old look.

And the same way we have clothing essentials that every lady should have, there is a list of essential shoes that you need too:

1. Everyday sneakers

An everyday sneaker will be by your side no matter where you go. They will come in handy especially when you have to run errands. primarily be with you when you know you will be walking around a lot during the day.

When choosing a daily sneaker, the best way to go is neutral colours. That way you can combine them with multiple outfits including dresses and skirts, and still have a well-put-together look every time.

You should also choose a pair with a sturdy material so it will last you longer since you will be wearing them often.

2. Comfy heels

Comfortable heels will also give you a different look on casual days. These will help bring a more mature and classy vibe for those days when you want to rock something different besides sneakers.

Try and find a pair that has a thick, low heel that won’t make you tired quickly. You could wear these to run errands or even for brunch with the girls.

3. Casual boots

Boots have been trending this year again and you should enjoy this fashion wave. Every year we have unique designs and in 2022, combat boots were huge, and I mean huge!

Combat boots are still in and you should grab yourself a pair for your collection. If you’re not a fan, don’t worry, you can still choose classic options like an ankle boot.

With these boosts you will have a variety of interesting edgy looks. Plus, they will come in handy during cold seasons or night outs when you need to dress warmly.

4. Flats

You should also have a pair or two of flats in your collection. Flats are very comfortable which means you can also wear them every single day or every other day.

Decide on which types of flats you like whether it’s sandals, ballet flats, loafers or other close alternatives. If you don’t mind all types of flats, they have different pairs that can help you switch up your looks on different days.

5. Dressy heels

An elegant heel is an absolute must-have in every stylish woman’s closet. A time will come when you need to rock glamorous looks for special occasions, and you definitely don’t want to be caught with your casual heels or flats on.

A trick that always works is having a few pairs that have neutral colours and minimal embellishments. You can wear them multiple times and no one will notice that you’ve had the same heels for years.

And as you shop, keep in mind that the heels you choose should be comfy enough to walk in when you wear them for events.

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