Not Flying As High, Nkwazi

The police outfits have only won three of their 21 games this season, and the Nkwazi football club is looking to change that.

The relegation-threatened Lusaka team faces a difficult match against Kabwe Warriors as the Super League enters a week of 22 games this weekend.

Kabwe Warriors are in 15th place with 23 points, while Nkwazi are in 17th place with 19 points.

Additionally, OSWARD MUTAPA stated in an interview with ZNBC Sports News that the team will return to winning ways and avoid relegation.

With 13 games remaining until the season is up, according to MUTAPA, Nkwazi should aim to win the majority of them in order to stay off the cutting board.

And MUTAPA predicted that the team who will score the most goals will win the game versus the Warriors this next weekend.

The police units are expected to earn their fourth victory of the year, according to MUTAPA.

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