Why women like older men

What is it that attracts women to older men? Is it their charm, wisdom, or experience?

Older men have a personality that sweeps women off their feet. Their profound sense of wisdom helps women feel safe, secure, and cared for.

There have been many cases where women have married older men and have led successful lives together.

So to decode the reason behind this, here are 5 women who share why they prefer older men over younger ones.

1. Sense of direction

“It is very attractive to see a man have a sense of direction in his life. He knows what he wants from life and this can be very motivating because he can also guide you towards your ambitions. This kind of support in a relationship can be very attractive.”

Thabisile, 32 years old

2. Ready to get settled

“Older men know what they want. They even know when they want to get settled. So, if you are looking for a man to marry, looking for an older man would be a great choice. Unlike younger men who are confused about their relationship, older men are ready to get settled.”

Qophelo, 29 years old

3. Presentable looks

“Older men have a way of presenting themselves that is simply flawless. They are confident, sharp and to the point. They don’t need to pause here and there when it comes to professing their love to their woman. They go after what they want.”

Siphesihle, 31 years old

4. Pampering ways

“Older men know a lot about pampering their woman. They know exactly how to make their woman feel special. They don’t leave them hanging and expecting about all the romantic gestures they could have done. Ever since I married my boyfriend who is 9 years older than me, I have never complained once about feeling lonely or not cared for.”

Londiwe, 34 years old

5. Maturity during critical situations

“Older men have a way of handling fights which is really admirable. They show a lot o maturity during critical situations. They don’t wear you down to a point where you don’t feel like talking at all. Instead, they communicate effectively during a fight which is very important.”

Trisha, 25 years old

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Maxwell Chongu

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