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Power unavailable in Lviv due to ongoing conflict in Ukraine

After major strikes were reported throughout Ukraine, including in the capital Kyiv, the whole city of Lviv in western Ukraine is currently without electricity.

Andriy Sadovy, the mayor of Lviv, urged residents to seek refuge because “the entire city is without electricity.”

Critical infrastructure and residential structures had been hit, according to the leader of the larger Kyiv area.

Following a string of military losses, Russia has recently intensified its attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

Earlier, amid reports of explosions in several locations, an air-raid alert was issued for all of Ukraine.

Before the most recent reports from Lviv and Kyiv, authorities claimed that southern Ukraine had been subjected to additional attacks.

The Mykolaiv region’s governor issued a warning that “several rockets” were coming from the south and east.

A newborn infant was killed after a missile struck a maternity hospital in the nearby Zaporizhzhia district, according to rescue services.

That attack was attributed to Russia, but the country has not yet commented on any of Wednesday’s claimed strikes.

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