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President Joe Biden to seek billions in military aid for Israel

US President Joe Biden asked Americans to spend billions more dollars to help Israel fight Hamas while Israel’s defence chief told his troops to be ready to go into the Gaza Strip to destroy the Palestinian militant group. In a televised White House speech late on Thursday that also addressed Ukraine’s effort to repel Russia’s invasion, Biden said Hamas sought to “annihilate” Israel’s democracy.

The president also stressed the urgency of getting relief to Palestinian civilians in Gaza who lack food, water and medicine. We can’t ignore the humanity of innocent Palestinians who only want to live in peace and have opportunity,” said Biden, who visited Israel on Wednesday.

Israel appeared to be getting closer to a full-scale invasion of Gaza, a densely populated enclave ruled by Hamas. The Israeli military has massed troops and equipment near the Gaza border.

“You see Gaza now from a distance, you will soon see it from inside. The command will come,” Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant told troops gathered at the Gaza border on Thursday. Biden said he would ask Congress on Friday to approve extra funding for “critical partner” Israel. A person familiar with the matter earlier said that would total $14 billion.

“It’s a smart investment that’s gonna pay dividends for American security for generations,” Biden added. Israel has pounded Gaza with air strikes after Hamas gunmen rampaged through Israeli towns and kibbutzes on October 7, killing 1,400 Israelis and taking scores of hostages and put the enclave’s 2.3 million people under siege.

Some 3,500 people in Gaza have been killed and more than a million have been made homeless, according to Palestinian health officials. Israel has also imposed a siege on Gaza, and civilians say their situation is desperate as they run short of food, water, fuel and medical supplies. All the indications are that the worst is coming,” Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi told reporters in Amman.

Source: SABC

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Popular Mzansi reality TV star, rapper, and influencer, Faith Nketsi is no stranger to the spotlight in the world of social media. With a large following on Instagram, she’s known for her glamorous photos, fashion sense, and, of course, her captivating life story.

Faith Nketsi

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