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Putin Promises To Keep Attacking Ukraine’s Power Grid

Despite the fact that millions of people in Ukraine are still without water or electricity, Vladimir Putin has pledged to keep assaulting its energy infrastructure.

“We do that, yes. And who initiated it? “, the Russian president remarked at a Kremlin awards ceremony.

Criticizing Russian strikes, he claimed, “would not impede with our military missions.”

Since 10 October, after a string of significant military setbacks, Moscow has started hammering Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure.

Due to the extensive infrastructural damage to civilians, several Western politicians have referred to the tactic as a war crime.

But to to President Putin, the strikes will continue despite mounting international criticism.

“There’s a lot of talk about our attacks on a neighboring nation’s energy infrastructure. We do that, yes. And who initiated it? He addressed those who had received governmental honors like the “Hero of Russia” medal.

According to him, the attacks were in response to a blast that occurred on the Russian bridge leading to Crimea on October 8. Additionally, he charged that Ukraine had cut off the water supply to Donetsk in eastern Ukraine and had blown up electrical lines from the Kursk nuclear power plant.

Mr. Putin asserted that withholding water from a city with a population of more than a million people constituted an act of genocide and charged the West with bias against Russia and maintaining “total quiet” on the matter.

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