Rihanna Reveals Pregnancy At Super Bowl

At Sunday’s Super Bowl, Rihanna performed an exciting and hit-filled half-time concert, but when she unveiled an unexpected special guest, social media erupted.

The Bajan singer was asked if there would be any surprises during her concert at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium in an interview last week.

She responded, “I’m debating about bringing someone. We’ll see, I’m not sure.

Fans naturally concluded she was referring to one of the several musicians she has worked with throughout her successful career. It seems plausible and in keeping with the half-time show tradition of unexpected duets that Jay-Z, Drake, or Eminem would make a guest appearance.

But none of them were mentioned by Rihanna. She was actually dropping hints that she was expecting her second kid at the time, but nobody noticed.

Although the singer didn’t perform any brand-new music during her appearance at the Super Bowl on Sunday, the baby bump she showed off nearly crashed the internet.

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