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Russian President Vladimir Putin backs China’s Ukraine peace plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview published early on Wednesday, said he backed China’s plan for a peaceful settlement of the Ukraine crisis, saying Beijing had a full understanding of what lay behind the crisis.

Putin, speaking to China’s Xinhua news agency ahead of his visit to Beijing this week, said Russia remained open to dialogue and talks to solve the more than two-year-old conflict. China’s plan and further “principles” made public by President Xi Jinping last month took account of factors behind the conflict, Putin said.

“We are positive in our assessment of China’s approach to solving the Ukrainian crisis,” Putin said, according to a Russian-language transcript on the Kremlin website. “In Beijing, they truly understand its root causes and its global geopolitical meaning.”

And the additional principles, set down by Xi in talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, were “realistic and constructive steps” that “develop the idea of the necessity to overcome the cold war mentality”. Beijing put forward a 12-point paper more than a year ago that set out general principles for ending the war but did not get into specifics.

It received a lukewarm reception at the time in both Russia and Ukraine, while the US said China was presenting itself as a peacemaker but reflecting Russia’s “false narrative” and failing to condemn its invasion.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov last month called the proposal a “reasonable plan that the great Chinese civilization proposed for discussion. Russia and China use their veto powers to block US-led UN resolution on Gaza ceasefire

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