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Videos: Connie Ferguson’s six-pack has Mzansi talking

South African legendary actress and businesswoman, Connie Ferguson showed she is the true ‘The iron queen’, after getting a fantastic six-pack in the gym.

For the past year, Connie has been hitting the gym so hard, and here are the results she is getting. Looking at her body, no one can imagine how strong Connie is, thanks to her covering clothes. Thanks to her gym outfit, we can all see Connie’s body transformation.

Since the death of her husband, Shona Ferguson, Connie fell in love with the gym. She seemed to be spending most of her time in the gym, and it gives her a nice feeling. Today Connie Ferguson’s six-pack is indeed one of the best among actresses of her age.

Connie Ferguson

Of course, we all know how much Connie has loved to take care of her body ever since she was young, but she has reached another level. Connie seemed to be on a different mission than we used to imagine. Her abs are solid, and she is doing some boxing sessions, probably she dreams of being a professional boxer one day.


In the video, it seemed that Connie wanted to show her leg workout, but fans spotted something else. Ashe jumped up and down, her abs looked perfect, and fans loved it. Indeed Connie Ferguson has been hitting the gym so much, and the results are precise for everyone to see with her unique six-packs.

To add more to her love for the gym, she even shared another impressive video on Instagram during the Easter holidays. At this point, many people had been enjoying their vacations and relaxing, but Connie Ferguson was working on her six-pack.

On that Easter video she said:

Our first #suicidesaturday this year felt like absolute torture!😫 Although the focus was lower body, the combination moves ensured a full body workout! I shared some of the moves we did in this video.😇💪🏾❤️

Indeed, Connie’s love for the gym runs in her blood. Most of her family members love the gym, and some are into boxing and karate. Her father is a decorated karate sensei, and she still works out even at an older age.

A few months ago, Connie Ferguson’s father showed strength when working on his six-pack. He is indeed a man of fitness, and his vibe and loves also get into his daughter Connie.


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