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The SPAR employee not fired

Spar says they agree with Women For Change’s sentiments that “She didn’t do anything wrong! She definitely did not consent for the video to go onto social media! The person who leaked the video is the one who needs to be held accountable!

They further say they’ve offered her counseling and support during this difficult time.

SPAR Employee Video

That’s what we needed it’s enough we can’t have men leaking our videos and get away with it ,when we like or love we trust so men must respect that

Source: Chaos

In other news – SPAR employee plays with her p#nani on duty

SPAR is trending not for being the cheapest grocery store but because one of their employees decided to turn the heat on and get nawty while at work…  A video showing a SPAR Employee playing with her private part while on duty has gone viral, triggering shock and concern among viewers.

SPAR worker

The recorded video shows the female employee in her uniform, in a secluded corner of her company’s premises, facing her phone camera and taking care of business… The SPAR employee is there the talk of town as the video is trending! Read more

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