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Video: TK Dlamini flaunts his driving skills on a busy highway

South African actor and businessman, Ntokozo ‘TK’ Dlamini showcased some of Fast & Furious‘ Paul Walker’s driving skills while overtaking cars on the highway.

Indeed, it’s been quite a few months for the private actor who prefers to avoid drama. Rarely do you have anything to say about Uzalo’s Mastermind, as he stays far from social media.

Indeed, Ntokozo is not getting a speeding lesson anytime soon, as he showed some of his driving skills. A couple of years ago, he got involved in a fatal accident that left many fans thinking he was dead. Indeed, he survived, and we all thought he wouldn’t drive again: that’s not Ntokozo for you.

TK Dlamini

Ntokozo Dlamini seemed alone in his car, as recorded on the dashboard as he overtook vehicles on the highway. Despite many fans fearing another accident scare, Ntokozo seemed to be so well in control. He has the skills to balance the car; probably, he should one day seek to replace Paul Walker on Fast & Furious.

Moving from this side to another side of the road playing Zanzibar by, DJ Maphorisa geared his car. He recorded the screen as the speedometer numbers rose to above 100.

Ntokozo Dlamini overtakes every car in front as if it’s a joke or a movie. It was difficult to believe that a person who almost lost his life would continue to drive like that. This says how much Ntokozo is confident in his driving skills: an actual copy of the late Paul Walker.

TK Dlamini

As he shared on his Instagram, Ntokozo did not put any caption. Probably he knew that fans would get something to start trolling him.


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