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Votes Are Cast To End Parallel Government In Venezuela

The opposition in Venezuela has voted to topple Juan Guaidó’s parallel administration and dissolve it.

The action was taken four years after Mr. Guaidó proclaimed himself president after Nicolás Maduro was re-elected in disputed elections.

He was acknowledged by many Western nations, including the US, but was unable to remove the president who supported the left.

The vote demonstrates how little confidence Mr. Guaidó still has among Venezuela’s opposition politicians.

By a vote of 72 to 29, the National Assembly overthrew his interim administration.

A panel to oversee the nation’s foreign assets was also approved by lawmakers, who want to present a unified face before the 2024 elections.

Seven million people have left Venezuela since 2015 as a result of the nation’s protracted political and humanitarian crisis.

To resolve the nation’s political crisis, the government of Venezuela and the opposition reached a preliminary deal in November.

The two made a joint announcement during negotiations in Mexico asking for the release of billions of cash that have been locked abroad to assist in funding social initiatives.

It came after years of futile attempts to break a political impasse.

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