Love blinds Winnie on Scandal!

Winnie on Scandal! is blinded by umjolo, which will surely end in tears.

Her bae Thabang wants to use her to get his hands on her baby daddy Jojo’s money. He asked Winnie to ask Jojo to invest R100 000 in his catering company. Jojo refused and now Thabang is angry. Does he think R100k is loose change?

He needs to man up and go hustle for his own cash. That guy is bad news, and it’s clear he doesn’t love her.


Meanwhile, Tokollo, aka Mdala, put his life on the line to save Hlengiwe. Notorious thug Pablo and corrupt prosecutor Serwale wanted Hlengiwe, who’s a journalist, dead as she and officer Wezi were hot on their heels, gathering evidence to prove they killed Hlengiwe’s ex-boyfriend Amo.

The two criminal masterminds had framed Hlengiwe for his murder. They even went as far as hacking her bank account and transferring R30 000 to officer Wezi to make it seem like she was bribing her.


Pablo ordered Tokollo to kill Hlengiwe. Instead of doing that, Tokollo helped her flee. Pablo found out what he had done and then kidnapped his wife Thlogi, telling him to bring Hlengiwe to him or he’d kill Thlogi.

Hlengiwe and Tokollo came up with a plan to turn Serwale and Pablo against each other. Tokollo told him Serwale was working with the police to throw him under the bus.


In anger, Pablo killed him and cops arrived just in time to catch him. Thanks to their plan, Serwale is dead, Pablo is behind bars, Thlogi is free and Hlengiwe has cleared her name.

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