Wolves 2-2 Liverpool: Julen Lopetegui Calls It “Impossible” A potential winner was disqualified

It is “incredible,” according to Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Julen Lopetegui, that his team’s potential game-winning goal was disallowed in their FA Cup third-round matchup with Liverpool at Anfield.

Centre-back Toti flicked the ball in, but Matheus Nunes, who had taken the first corner and received the ball on the left after Hwang Hee-chan pushed it out to the flank, had his offside flag raised against him by the assistant referee.

Wolves were forced to accept a 2-2 draw because the video assistant referee (VAR) lacked any camera angles to offer evidence to reverse the judgment.

After the game, Lopetegui and captain Ruben Neves entered referee Andrew Madley’s office where he claimed the offside “doesn’t exist” and that it was a “shame” since his team “deserved to pass to the next round.”

In addition, he was upset that Mohamed Salah’s goal, which gave Liverpool a 2-1 lead, was upheld despite the Egyptian forward appearing to be offside when the ball was given to him in the build-up.

What actually took place?

Nunes took a corner that was headed by Nathan Collins, touched by Hwang back to Nunes on the left wing, and then Wolves’ goal was disallowed.

He advanced to the byeline and crossed the ball, which was deflected to Hwang, whose shot Toti turned in to give Wolves a 3-2 lead after they had fallen behind 1-0.

Toti removed his shirt during the frenzied celebration by the Wolves players, but the assistant had his flag raised.

After reviewing the incident, the VAR couldn’t reverse the decision since there wasn’t a clear camera perspective.

We have watched it, the offside doesn’t exist, I’m sorry, Lopetegui said ITV. It’s not feasible.

“Someone said it was offside, but we’ve seen the pictures, and it’s not there.

“The choice was incorrect. Every day I make mistakes, and occasionally they do too. We have VAR assistance today, which is unfortunate since it’s not offside.

“I’m not sure about their third goal,” remarked Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool. We only have one image where it might appear off-side, but I can see why they are upset about it. The VAR shouldn’t only have one angle, per se.

The Football Association, which administers the FA Cup, follows Uefa and Fifa advice and does not do this, which led to confusion in the audience and among pundits. In the Premier League, an explanation such as “Nunes offside” would be put on the screen in the stadium.

Emile Heskey, a former Liverpool striker, said on ITV that he and the audience “sat in the studio trying to figure out, so are the crowd and the bench.”

Eni Aluko, a former England striker, added, “Show modern stadiums on the screen. There needs to be clarity.

Nunes was in an offside position, but it wasn’t immediately obvious. The choice has been made now, but it has to be more explicit.

Salah’s goal had already infuriated Wolves and Lopetegui when it was allowed to stand.

Cody Gapko attempted to clip over the top of the Wolves defense when the forward was in an offside position. Toti headed the ball in an effort to halt the play.

Salah controlled the ball and scored to give Liverpool the lead as a result, indicating that he was onside.

It is the same throughout all leagues, according to Lopetegui. In my perspective, we need to have numerous conversations with the referees regarding situations like this.

Salah was offside before Toti touched the ball, so he gained an edge. This player exploited his position. Of course, Toti is only taking the shot since the other player is offside.

It is incredibly disappointing, said Stephen Warnock, a former Liverpool defender, on BBC Match of the Day. Although the goal should stand according to the rules of the game, football fans are aware that it should not. Toti has to put up with it since he needs to think Salah is on his side. Our view is that the law is incorrect.

When asked by BBC Match of the Day if Toti’s goal should have been permitted and Salah’s goal disallowed, he responded, “In my perspective, definitely. Now I am certain of that.

Referee Madley “heard us,” Lopetegui continued, adding: “That is a nice thing for me, that is not typical in Spain. I enjoy talking to him only to disprove that there is an offside. It is extremely obvious.

What Are The Regulations?

Both occurrences revolve around the beginning of a new play phase and what constitutes a deliberate action.

A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent who intentionally plays the ball, even via purposeful handball, is not regarded to have gained an advantage, unless it was an intentional save by any opponent, according to Law 11 of the FA’s rules.

“A’save’ occurs when a player stops, or attempts to stop, a ball that is moving into or very close to the goal using any part of the body except the hands/arms (unless the goalkeeper is within the penalty area),” according to the rules of soccer.

When Hwang headed the ball, initiating a new phase of play, the assistant referee thought Nunes was offside. VAR did not have sufficient evidence to reverse that determination.

Toti’s header, which began a fresh phase of play, did not disqualify Salah’s goal.

Why Was VAR Used?

Why was VAR used in this game but not in the earlier match between Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle United, where there was some controversy around two of the goals, or other games this weekend, will be a question on the minds of fans and viewers.

VAR is only used at Premier League venues, hence it wasn’t used at Hillsborough because Wednesday is a League One team. However, it was at Anfield.

Views From #Bbcfootball: “Rule Should Be Scrapped”
Dan: Not only do we have to put up with VAR destroying goal celebrations, but it even incorrectly reviews the calls? The occasional human error is preferable than this farce.

In the new period, Toti’s goal wasn’t offside, but Salah was. If they still make a mistake after looking at the screen, what good is VAR?

Martin Robert Odoni: I must admit that I have zero understanding of the offside law if Salah’s goal wasn’t and Totti’s was. I also support Liverpool.

Richard: I really don’t understand football any more if it is offside and Salah’s isn’t. Despite being ahead of the game, neither touched the ball. On the second phase, they both scored. One is provided. One is forbidden.

Jon Evans: Two crazy game-related incidents. 1) I’ve said it before, but the offside rule that allowed Salah to score is terrible and ought to be eliminated. I have no idea why it was put in place. 2) How is it possible that the Wolves offside is not being recorded? There is a problem there.

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