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Woman saves over R12 000 in coins – VIDEO

A local woman is the talk of social media streets after showing off her savings on TikTok. The woman undoubtedly used the piggy bank method to save thousands of coins.

The woman shared a video while counting her thousands, and Mzansi was puzzled by how much she had saved in coins.

The now-viral video has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet. The coins were in small plastic papers. No doubt, the now-viral video has since set social media abuzz, with many asking for tips on saving.

In the TikTok video, the woman spread her savings nicely on the floor with all smiles.


Questioned how much she has saved, TikTok user @nwabbaloyi revealed that she saved R12k in coins. No doubt, it’s a huge amount one can save in coins. However, little is known about the period she took to save such an amount.

She seemingly did not post all the savings, leaving some followers in doubt. However, she joins a host of several TikTok users who have taken to the social media application to inspire followers with their savings.

Against the trending video, TikTok users quickly flooded her comments section with their two cents. Princess_mp13 D joked, “Now, why does this look like Fidelity?”

Maliyavuma posted, “So proud of you, honey. Keep up the good work.”

Akhonaputuma commented, “Please change it to notes at a supermarket or KFC. I saw someone saved R3700 from saving R5, and the bank charge was R350.”

However, TikTok user Azola Qamka asked, “How much?” NwaBbaloyi said she saved R12 640 in coins.

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