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“12,000 Dams Are Needed In Zambia To Harvest Rainwater”

According to the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA), the nation needs 12,000 reservoir dams to capture water and be self-sufficient, particularly in flood-prone areas.

According to WARMA Public Relations Officer MUBIANA NALWENDO, there are now just 2,750 dams in the nation.

Mr. NALWENDO stated that after the necessary number of dams are built throughout the nation, the flood scenario is likely to be more manageable as water will be harvested in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka today.

Therefore, he suggested, the business sector could join in and make investments in infrastructure for water harvesting.

Floods, according to Mr. NALWENDO, cannot be entirely prevented, but the situation can be made more tolerable if water is diverted into dams and away from populated areas.

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