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17-year-old undocumented immigrant Discovered by Mpika police under Tanzanian lorry

A 17-year-old undocumented immigrant was discovered hiding under a Tanzanian truck by Mpika police, who then stopped the truck.

Mubanga Kaunda, the commanding commander of Muchinga Province, reported that the truck was seized at the Mpika checkpoint.

According to Mr. Kaunda, the Ethiopian national identified as Magas Solomon, an illegal immigrant, was discovered dozing off on the truck’s chassis.

“Police in Mpika have intercepted a Tanzanian truck registration number T550 DRU and trailer number T671 DRT which was heading to Lusaka and being driven by Benjamin Edward aged 32 a Tanzanian national. Police checked the truck thoroughly and discovered one illegal immigrant hiding underneath the said truck,”he said.

He claimed that the driver, 42-year-old Joseph Mayay, the co-driver, and the illegal immigrant had all been detained by police.

According to Mr. Kaunda, preliminary inquiries showed that the illegal immigrant was one of the 31 people being housed at a farm near Nakonde.

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