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33-year-old Defiler is Arrested by Police

A 33-year-old man has been detained by police in the Eastern Province’s Vubwi district for defiling a nine-year-old girl on New Year’s Eve in a bathroom.

According to Eastern Province Police Commanding Officer LIMPO LIYWALII, MALIKETI BANDA, the suspect, discovered the girl playing with her coworkers and asked her to carry a sack to a bathroom.

According to Mr. LIYWALII, the suspect is accused of grabbing the youngster and having sex with her when she was in the restroom.

He claims that once the victim reported the incident to her mother, she tracked down the perpetrator and caught him.

According to Mr. LIYWALII, the province reported 19 accidents over the long weekend, three of which resulted in fatalities.

He claims that 17 people had minor injuries, while seven people were critically hurt.

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