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5 breakfast trends to follow this year

We have been often told to breakfast like a king. Be it a school-going teenager, a college student, or an office-goer, if you leave home without breakfast, it is considered no less than a sin.

It is said so because breakfast as the first meal of the day gives you abundant energy to be active throughout the day. The pandemic era has taught the lessons of healthy life.

And, with people becoming health conscious, the breakfast trends have seen a meaningful shift from calorie-rich food intake to low-carb and low-fat cereals. With the breakfast market evolving every year as per the taste requirements, let us take a look at breakfast trends you can follow in 2023.

1. Muesli
Did you know you can jump-start your day in a single bowl? Yes, muesli as your breakfast option can energize you to perform your everyday tasks. It contains fiber and protein, comprised of rolled oats, corn, wheat flakes, grains, seeds, dried fruits, and other varied breakfast ingredients. As muesli contains omega-3 fatty acid-rich ingredients such as raisins, almonds, and fruits, it promotes skin glow, lustrous hair, and healthy vision. It also improves heart health as the oat fiber in it reduces cholesterol levels by up to 10 percent. Muesli also can be consumed any time when you feel hungry between meals.

2. Cornflakes
It is not a new-age breakfast trend but has been there in India for many decades. However, modern times have changed the way to consume cornflakes. With numerous varieties available in the market, cornflakes have evolved and are still standing tall in the breakfast market. First, they are on-the-go breakfast options, most feasible for the working class. Having it with milk also ensures calcium intake. Being rich in iron, low in sodium and sugar, and low in cholesterol, cornflakes add a healthy breakfast alternative for you.

3. Hot Cereals
The demand for hot cereal products is rapidly growing among consumers as they prefer hot breakfasts over others. And this has led to the immense growth of ready-to-eat hot cereal products in recent times, particularly oats. It has received high acceptance from consumers as it serves their taste palettes and fulfills their nutritional needs. Whole grain oats are becoming the popular choice of consumers.

4. Spread
There are various options available in spreads like Peanut Butter, Chocolate spread, Hazelnut spreads, and many more. Spreads combined with roti or bread make it an effortless and quick breakfast option. With more people going to gymnasiums and adapting workout regimes, peanut butter has gained preference as a breakfast meal.

5. Smoothies
These have gained quite a momentum among the millennials and gen Z generation. Made with fresh fruits and vegetables, superfoods, and yogurt, they are high in nutrients yet fun and delicious. The health quotient of a smoothie depends on the content ingredients.

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