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Zambia Advised By The US To Apply For Pandemic Fund

When the American government launches a call for applications in a few weeks, Zambia has been urged to submit a request to receive a portion of the 450 million dollar Pandemic Fund by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

According to Dr. YELLEN, the investment will improve the heath security systems and disease preparation of Zambia and other developing nations.

Dr. YELLEN stated that due to the high cost of pandemics, the US is investing in global health security when she formally opened the Emergency Operations Center at the Zambia National Public Health Institute in Lusaka.

She continued by saying that the center would aid in coordinating, managing, and responding to health emergencies in Zambia and the surrounding area.

Director General of the Zambia National Public Health Institute, ROMA CHILENGI, also stated that the organization is monitoring the cholera outbreak in neighboring Malawi and providing technical assistance to the nation.

According to Dr. CHILENGI, the Emergency Operations Center has also aided Malawi’s institute in developing its capacity to address the existing cholera outbreak.

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